A Look into the Kingdom of Camelot Through the Eyes of Tom of Warwick

A Look into the Kingdom of Camelot Through the Eyes of Tom of Warwick



2015-06-11 CATEGORY: Broadway 

The national touring production of Camelot shines on the Starlight stage this week and three very talented local boys get to join the cast. Sixth-grader Maddox Carter Bane, fourth-grader Marek Burns and eighth-grade student Andrew Stout are alternating playing the role of Tom of Warwick for the six nights the show is in Kansas City. On opening night, the boys came to Starlight hours before the curtain rose to get familiar with the stage, try on their costumes and practice their lines. Follow these local Tom of Warwicks and see what a show night for these young actors looks like!

4:50 pm

Run lines with stage manager

Marek, Andrew and Maddox are briefed on what they can expect by the company stage manager.

The boys begin practicing their lines and finalizing their dialect or accent for the show.

Maddox begins acting out his part, and Andrew learns the correct body form for his knighting by King Arthur.

5:15 pm

Company manager Deborah Barrigan gives the boys a tour of the stage.



5:45 pm

Company meeting and introduction to the cast

6:00 pm

Wardrobe fitting while cast begins sound check

Markek shows off his newly fitted costume.



6:20 pm

Sound check and rehearsal with King Arthur

The boys join the cast on stage for sound check and have their first interaction with King Arthur.