See KMBC’s “Wizards of Weather” Each Night

See KMBC’s “Wizards of Weather” Each Night



2014-06-12 CATEGORY: Broadway 

Our meteorologist friends at KMBC-TV 9 are following the Yellow Brick Road to Starlight this week to join in our Yellow Brick Bash pre-show event. KMBC’s “Wizards of Weather” are educating Starlight guests about lots of weather topics from 6:50 to 7:15 p.m. each night. What causes thunder? Why shouldn’t you be scared of those booms? How often do tornadoes occur? These are just some of the questions that fascinate kids of all ages. KMBC chief meteorologist Bryan Busby and fellow meteorologists Neville Miller and Nick Bender deliver an informative and sometimes humorous look at stormy weather, while also addressing the more serious topic of tornado safety in keeping with Starlight’s presentation of The Wizard of Oz. See KMBC’s Wizards of Weather under Starlight’s east pavilion at the top of the hill. Entry to the weather presentation and all other Yellow Brick Bash activities is free with a ticket to the show.