Reliving the Good Ol’ Days

Reliving the Good Ol’ Days



Thrills of a Century  Starlight history  reunion 

2015-10-14 CATEGORY: Starlight 

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Look who stopped by Starlight Theatre … 6+ decades later!

Two childhood friends made a stop at Starlight Theatre in late September while vacationing in Kansas City in conjunction with their 60th high school reunion. Carol (Steverding) Amateis and Jane (Gabhart) Blando, members of the Bishop Hogan High School class of 1955, have been friends since childhood.

As children, they participated in summer activities coordinated by an elementary school near their homes in southeast Kansas City. One of the activities they remember most fondly was performing with many other children as extras in the opening night performance of Thrills of a Century, the six-week Kansas City centennial pageant that christened the new Starlight Theatre in June and July 1950.

Starlight group sales coordinator Staci Shute took the longtime friends on a brief trip down memory lane with a brief tour of the Starlight venue and the stage that is much changed since their night “jumping around and singing along.” They liked what they saw, Shute said, and were particularly intrigued with news of the new Starlight Indoors shows.

Amateis now resides in Cincinnati, while Blando remains an area resident, calling Lee’s Summit home. 

Photo (top): While in elementary school, Jane Blando (left) and Carol Amateis performed in Kansas City’s 1950 centennial pageant on the newly built Starlight stage.