The Fan Club

At Starlight Theatre, we’re dedicated to the latest technology and the comfort of our guests.

Thanks to the support of our generous Fan Club members, we are able to make sure your summer nights at Starlight are even more memorable with a new state-of-the-art fan system, which is currently being installed for the 2018 season.

Site and construction work began in mid-October, following the completion of Starlight’s 2017 Broadway and concert season. The new ultra-quiet fans have been strategically placed to ensure the greatest number of Starlight Broadway and concert patrons will benefit from their cooling effects. 

As Kansas City’s premier outdoor theatre experience, we want you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. We wholeheartedly thank our Fan Club members for their generosity and for helping to make Starlight even cooler!

  • Four fans will be placed on poles 35 feet high and 10 inches in diameter – fan blades are 10 feet long and 20 feet in diameter
  • Each fan moves 330,050 cubic feet of air per minute - all fours fans move 1,320,200 cubic feet of air every minute
  • Just one fan could fill an average 2,000 square foot home with air in 3.2 seconds and could fill the entire Starlight stage house in just 3 minutes 27 seconds!
  • Fans running at full speed generate a breeze of about 4 miles per hour
  • All four fans only consume about 12 horsepower - that’s about as much as four hairdryers!