First Rate Reviews for First Date

First Rate Reviews for First Date



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2017-02-08 CATEGORY: Broadway 

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it appears audience members who have attended First Date at Starlight Indoors are feeling the love for this funny, relatable musical comedy.

Those who attended opening-weekend performances were happy to share their thoughts and favorite moments of the show. Watch and hear First Date audience reactions below: 


Also giving the show two thumbs up for its exceptional cast performances and obvious audience enjoyment was The site’s reviewer called Starlight’s First Date “the perfect opportunity to laugh out loud at the endemic awkwardness of meeting someone new” and noted the show was produced, cast and directed so well that First Date “could easily take to the road after its scheduled month-long run at Starlight Indoors.” Click to read more.


The show’s lead actors, Shea Coffman as blind-date “newbie” Aaron and Lauren Braton as serial-dater Casey, visited the set of KCTV-5’s “Better KC” to encourage Kansas Citians to see this show that is so relatable for anyone who has ever been on a blind date. Hear the insights they shared with “Better KC” viewers: 

First Date lights up the Starlight Indoors stage and audience through Sunday, Feb. 26. Patrons are seated inside Starlight’s heated stage house on comfortable seats on tiered risers with hand railings. 


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