‘Talkin’ With Taylor’ is New Video Series

‘Talkin’ With Taylor’ is New Video Series



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2018-04-03 CATEGORY: Starlight 

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New year, new video series for Starlight Theatre! In late January, Starlight launched “Talkin’ With Taylor,” and our new catalog of lighthearted, informative video chats is quickly gaining fans and followers. 

Hosted by the affable Taylor Smith, Starlight’s marketing and graphic design coordinator by day, and produced by multimedia design coordinator Bryce Jones, “Talkin’ With Taylor” lets viewers hear directly from some of the talented performers taking our stage, as well as individuals impacted by a variety of Starlight’s education, outreach and other programs.

Five episodes of “Talkin’ With Taylor” have been released so far. Full interviews are hosted on Starlight’s YouTube channel, and pared-down highlights are posted on Facebook.

In the most recent installment, Taylor and his guest, Beau Heyen, are talkin’ about the sure-to-be-super-fun After Hours at the Towers on Friday, April 27. This Coney Island-themed event is a fundraiser for Starlight’s Bob Rohlf Internship Program and is hosted by Young Friends of Starlight. 




Want to see more? Visit Starlight’s YouTube channel for all episodes. And, stay tuned, because the next installment – Taylor learns some moves from the dance captain and Roxie Hart lead in Chicago – is coming very soon!

Got a suggestion for someone or something that needs to be talkin’ with Taylor? We’re all ears! Send ideas to bryce.jones@kcstarlight.com.