Talented Teens Receive Vincent Legacy Scholarships

Talented Teens Receive Vincent Legacy Scholarships



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2016-08-01 CATEGORY: Education 

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Two talented young ladies were presented Vincent Legacy Scholarships on the Starlight Theatre stage Monday, Aug. 18 in front of audience members gathered to see Beauty and the Beast. Recognized as 2016 scholarship recipients were Faith Andrews-ONeal of Blue Springs and Nahrya Williams of Kansas City, Mo.

Faith, who completed eighth grade at St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School in May, and Nahrya, who finished seventh grade at Raytown Middle School, each received $2,500 scholarships to help fund professional training in the performing arts. Faith is skilled in multiple types of dance, from ballet and tap to jazz, Irish step and hip hop. Nahrya’s talents lean to singing and songwriting.

Starlight president and CEO Rich Baker was joined by Amy Reinert, Starlight’s director of education, to make the scholarship presentations to the two girls. Also, returning to the stage for the celebration were the five young ladies who received Vincent Legacy Scholarships in 2015.

2016 was the 11th anniversary of the Vincent Legacy Scholarship program, which is provided by Starlight and local community leaders Greg and Rebecca Reid. Scholarships are awarded annually to ethnically diverse youth in grades 6, 7 and 8 who display talent and passion for the performing arts. To qualify for the financial need-based scholarships, applicants must also have good grades, a good school attendance record and interest or experience in community service.

Since the program was founded, 29 scholarships have been awarded with a total value of $70,000.

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