Endowment Support

The generosity and foresight of endowment donors ensures not only that the curtain will go up and down onstage…but also that when the curtain goes down on each performance, the impact of musical theatre in our community resonates well beyond the final applause.

About Starlight Theatre's Endowment 

For more than 60 years, Starlight Theatre has been a self-reliant cultural icon in the heart of Swope Park. At its inception in the 1950s, the Theatre was the stage for light opera and traditional Broadway musicals, built in direct response to citizens’ desire for such an outdoor entertainment venue. Desert Song opened the first regular season on June 25, 1951, at a time when nearly 40 professional, self-producing outdoor theatres existed in the United States. Today, only two remain in operation.

Within the past 25 years, Starlight Theatre has grown from a substandard theatre with a precarious financial situation to a fiscally sound, highly-acclaimed, nationally-known theatre organization boasting physical facilities unrivaled in our community in theatrical technology.

Endowment funds have been established at Starlight Theatre to support every aspect of our business and to help insure the fiscal stability of the theatre today and well into the future. Funds have been created to support onstage programming, theatre training scholarships, college scholarships, educational programs and the general maintenance and operations at Starlight Theatre. 

We hope you will join us in our efforts to protect and enhance this theatrical and physical treasure we have…and are committed to keep. 

With questions or to arrange for a personal presentation or on-site tour, please contact: Lindsey Rood-Clifford, Director of Development at 816.997.1127 or lindsey.rood-clifford@kcstarlight.com.