Request a Season Ticket Upgrade or Change

We are no longer selling season tickets to the 2020 AdventHealth Broadway Series, however, you can build your own flexible ticket package with a Pick Pack. This limited time offer gives you the chance to build a 3 show ticket package that works in your schedule - and you still save money when compared to single ticket prices.  Click here to learn more about our Pick Packs.

Do you want to move closer to the stage, prefer aisle seats or like to request additional season tickets next to yours? Seat changes are processed in the order received. Renew early to get the best available seats.

Once you receive your renewal information, it is recommended that you renew and submit your change request as soon as possible; phone and internet request are received immediately, so we recommend these options.

Once we complete the renewal process, and open any unrenewed seats, we will begin filling seat change requests in the order they were received.