The Head & The Heart

May 29, 2018

Show Time: 7 p.m.
Gates Time: 6 p.m.

American indie folk band The Head and The Heart will bring their Signs of Light Tour to Kansas City audiences at Starlight Theatre on Tuesday, May 29.

The band was formed in Seattle in 2009 by pianist Kenny Hensley, guitarist Josiah Johnson, vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Russell, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Charity Rose Thielen, drummer Tyler Williams and bassist Chris Zasche. Their 2011 self-titled debut album captured a nascent but undeniable creative partnership between six strangers thrown together by little more than a shared love of music. It became one of Sub Pop Records’ best-selling debut releases ever and rocketed the band to acclaim well beyond its home base. The band’s formative experiences went on to heavily inform their 2013 follow-up release, Let’s Be Still.

After touring for four years, the members in 2014 took a hiatus to pursue individual interests and adventures. The Head and The Heart later regrouped in California and began writing together again. “It almost felt like we were a new band, trying things we hadn’t tried,” Zasche recalled. “We were ready and excited to be back together.”

That renewed sense of purpose is felt throughout their 2016 album, Signs Of Light, the group’s first release for Warner Bros. Records. Recorded in Nashville with producer Jay Joyce, Signs Of Light crackles with upbeat, sing-along energy. Its lead single, “All We Ever Knew,” is an instant crowd-pleaser. Among the album’s other tracks is “City of Angels,” a smile-inducing ode to Los Angeles, and “Rhythm & Blues,” a nod to classic Fleetwood Mac.