Broadway Season Tickets

Broadway Season Tickets

The 2020 AdventHealth Broadway Series at Starlight Theatre will feature a wide selection of shows designed to satisfy the varied entertainment tastes of Kansas City theatre-goers.

Broadway Season Ticket Pricing and Benefits

Season Ticket Holders save compared to those who buy at the single ticket price.

Season Ticket benefits include FREE parking, ticket exchanges and swaps and more.

Auto Renew Your Season Tickets

Starlight offers its season ticket holders the opportunity to auto-renew their tickets. Each year, we will process your season renewal shortly after announcing the shows in the upcoming season. Your tickets will continue to automatically renew each season at that year's prevailing series price using your selected payment option.

Top Reasons to Sign Up for Auto-Renewal

  • Easiest renewal process!
  • First in line for tickets to weekend specials
  • Extended payment plans
  • Never miss a renewal deadline

Future season prices will vary. Enrollment in the auto-renewal program is ongoing until the account holder notifies Starlight of the desire to opt out of the auto-renewal program. To opt out of the auto-renewal program, please contact Starlight Ticket Services at (816) 363-7827 or at