Starlight Goes All In (Literally) for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

CATEGORY: Starlight

Less than 24 hours after being challenged by their staff, the executive management of Starlight Theatre accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and went feet first into the Shirley Bush Helzberg Fountain and Garden of the Stars on Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 20.

Starlight President and CEO Rich Baker was joined in the fountain by Brenda Mortensen, Vice President of Finance; Cindy Jeffries, Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Development; and Justin White, Director of Operations & Theatre Plant. Thanks to the fountain’s overhead streams of water and some covert ice-bucket dumping by Starlight staff, it was challenge accomplished!

Before wading out of the water, the Starlight execs challenged their Kansas City theatrical counterpart – Mark Edelman and the staff of Theater League – as well as the staff of cross-state theatres, The Muny and the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis. The Fox challenge is personal for Baker because he worked with the organization for 27 years before moving to Starlight in March.

“I hope all three theatres accept the challenge and pass it along to other entertainment venues in Kansas City, St. Louis and across the country,” Baker said. “Since it’s going to be almost 100 degrees in the Midwest this week, this just may be a blessing in disguise!”
In addition to being a good sport about his icy dousing, Baker said he made a personal donation to the ALS at – and he encourages everyone else in the Broadway business to do the same!