Thank You for Your Service

CATEGORY: Starlight

Starlight recently bid farewell to three of its board members and thanked them for their dedicated volunteer service to the theatre. The members whose board terms expired in December were:

W. Russell Welsh. Russ joined the board in 2007, served as Chairman from 2011 through 2014, and provided key legal advice to Starlight on an ongoing basis. He and his wife, Debbie, chaired the Starlight Annual Benefit Gala in May 2014. As a past chairman, Russ now becomes an Ex-Officio lifetime member of the board.
August L. Huber, III. Augie was a Starlight board member in 2002-07 and again in 2008-14, a total of 12 years of service. As Vice Chair of Theatre Plant, he played a key role in Starlight’s facility expansion and improvement. He now joins the EPIC Events board.
Dan Lowe. Dan joined the board in 2009 and has been a committed supporter of the Starlight Annual Gala.