Looking for a great place to stay in Kansas City? Our hotel partners can help streamline the reservation process, with special rates and amenities. Whether it’s a family vacation, a road trip with friends or a romantic getaway, Starlight's partner hotels can accommodate your needs.

816 Hotel


816 Hotel is the preferred hotel partner of Starlight Theatre. This partnership includes door-to-door shuttle service to and from all Starlight concerts and Broadway shows. In addition, you will have first priority for a complimentary upgrade to one of 816 Hotel’s unique Kansas City themed rooms (subject to availability).

Call the 816 Hotel at 816.931.1000 to get the Starlight rate.

Get treated like a Star when you stay at 816 Hotel:
  • Free breakfast and omelet station
  • Two free cocktails in the lobby bar
  • Free parking
  • Free Google Fiber WiFi

Available: 03.31.17 – 03.31.18 standard stay is 1-10 night(s)