Rental Spaces

Jeannette and Jerome Cohen Community Stage House

Starlight Theatre’s Jeannette and Jerome Cohen Community Stage House is available for private event rentals mid-October to early April*. Events are held on the climate-controlled, fully enclosed stage. 

Applause Club

Starlight Theatre’s Applause Club is also available for rental, generally in conjunction to a Stage House rental. This rehearsal space boasts four windowed garage doors opening into the beautiful Starlight garden. You can utilize this space for cocktail hour, VIP lounges, silent auction space and more! Flexible seating for up to 225 guests.

All private event rental and management inquiries should be made to Event Services at 816.997.1107 or

 To view and/or print the Starlight Theatre Private Event Information packet, click here.

*Private Event Rentals between April and October may be possible based on campus availability. Additional costs will apply in order to change over the space for private event use.