Raise Our Voices

Raise Our Voices

In 2020, with Starlight’s stage dark and a call for social justice rising across the nation, a new Starlight performance series, Raise Our Voices, was born. Season one featured ten students, each with a connection to at least one of Starlight’s community engagement programs, performing a student-selected piece.

Now, Raise Our Voices has grown, with a mission to amplify social awareness by providing opportunities for artists from diverse backgrounds to share their perspectives with viewers. Starlight assembled an Artistic Advisory Committee comprised of community artists and art educators, who then search and select artists to collaborate with. Together, each Artistic Advisor and Featured Performer pair decide on the concept, technique and messaging for their performance before rehearsing and filming at Starlight.

Starlight is committed to using its platform to share diverse voices and acknowledges the urgency for the theatre community to inspire action through the power of art. Raise Our Voices is just one way to create a pathway for artists’ voices to be amplified.

Financial assistance for this project has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

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