A Spectacular Celebration

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It was a time to celebrate the holidays and the ever-growing family of Vincent Legacy Scholars the evening of Jan. 4. Nearly 80 people came together in Starlight Theatre’s Applause Club to mark the successful completion of the 12th year of the Vincent Legacy Scholarship program.

This annual evening of dinner, conversation and scholar performances has become a cherished holiday tradition for scholarship benefactors Greg and Rebecca Reid, Starlight leaders and staff and, most importantly, the Vincent Legacy Scholars and their families.

Eleven Vincent Legacy Scholars were joined by their parents, guardians, siblings and other family members at the 2018 event. All of the scholars shared updates on their accomplishments and performing arts training, and several performed for the crowd.

The evening’s guest speaker was Christen McAfee, a third-grade teacher in the Blue Valley School District. Speaking on the topic of fear, McAfee related how her own fears and worries as a young teen caused her to fade into the background and not fully experience life. It wasn’t until a coach brought it to her attention during her sophomore year of high school that McAfee decided to take action and overcome the fears that paralyzed her.

Her advice to the group of Vincent Legacy Scholars included:

  • Intentionally learn to overcome obstacles
  • Intentionally learn to inspire others
  • Intentionally learn to seize opportunities and pursue your dreams

Watch the video below for highlights of this special evening:

A big shout-out and thanks to all who were able to attend!

And for those who were unable to make it, we missed you and hope you’ll be able to join in the next Vincent Legacy Scholarship holiday celebration.

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