Richard Baker
President & CEO  
Caroline Gibel
Assistant to President & CEO

Jacques' Hassen
Human Resources Manager

Concert Department

Bill Waugh
Vice President of Concerts & Information Systems 
Jeff Miller
Concert Sponsorship & VIP Sales Manager

Development Department

Lindsey Rood-Clifford
Director of Development
Andrew Lang 
Development Coordinator 


Megan McCranie
Donor Database Specialist

Education and Outreach Department

Barb Schulte
Vice President of Education and Outreach
Dr. Andy Pierce 
Education and Outreach Manager


Katie McKernan
Education Coordinator

EPIC Innovative Events

Donna Thomason
President & Creative Director
Lucy Donnelly
Assistant to President and Creative Director


Taylor Burke
Event Coordinator
Kara Strickler
Junior Coordinator

Event Services

Rachel Parrish
Hospitality Manager

Finance Department

Brenda Mortensen
Vice President of Finance
Mandi Wright 
Accounting Manager

Nikki Ramer  

Tina Scibona

Information Systems Department

Bill Waugh
Vice President of Concerts & Information Systems
Owain Howell
Information Systems Administrator

Marketing Department

Cindy Jeffries 
Vice President of Marketing & Sales
Rachel Bliss
Communications Manager

Adam Watson 
Digital Marketing Manager

Bryce Jones
Multimedia Design Coordinator

Taylor Smith
Marketing and Graphics Coordinator

Brooke Kuehl
Marketing Associate

Operations & Theatre Plant Department

Scott Neal
Vice President of Operations
Nick Riojas 
Operations Manager

Tyler Schyvinck
Facilities Manager

Clayton Williams
Horticulture Supervisor

Madi Fritts
Operations Coordinator

Jeb Brunner

Johnny White
Maintenance Technician

Tim Sheafer

Production Department

Kent Andel 
Director of Production
Caroline Gibel
Director of Indoor Programming/
Company Manager
Aaron Clark 
Technical Production Manager  

Ticket Services Department

Ken McClain
Director of Ticket Services
Genie Haggard 
Ticket Services Concerts Manager

Cindy Clark
Ticket Services Manager

Emily Leritz
Ticket & Data Administrator

Toni Talley
Group Sales Coordinator

Katherine Tolbert 
Subscription Sales Coordinator