Adopt a Seat at Starlight

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Did you know you can be a permanent part of Starlight Theatre history? Consider adopting one of Starlight’s nearly 8,000 seats and you’ll make your mark on this historic outdoor venue.

When participating in our Adopt a Seat program, patrons can personalize a seat with a dedication plaque that captures their Starlight memories. Whether you adopt a seat in remembrance of a loved one, in the name of a child/grandchild, in honor of a family member, friend, employee or colleague, it’s a lasting and visible tribute.

Maria Timberlake moved to Overland Park with her daughter Lily in 1985. She soon learned that her John Knox Village co-worker and friend, Launa Boston, was a longtime Starlight ticket holder. After buying some of Launa’s tickets to Starlight’s children’s shows for a few years to take her daughter, Maria eventually bought her own season tickets, and she, Launa and Lily attended shows together.

When Launa’s health deteriorated last summer, Maria decided to adopt a seat in her friend’s name to honor their time spent together at Starlight. The plaque was installed, and Maria was able to take a photo and share it with Launa before she died.

“She was very touched by that gesture,” Maria said. “Every summer we had Starlight. Launa was part of that tradition. I thank Starlight for making this happen for me and for her.”

Brenda Jones, another longtime Starlight patron, also decided to adopt a seat to honor a loved one when her husband, Steve, passed away. “My husband grew up coming to Starlight and thought there was no better place to spend a night under the stars in Kansas City,” Brenda shared. “When we adopted a seat, it was a way for us to leave our mark on a place that meant so much to both of us. Now that Steve has passed, it is our way to still enjoy the magic of Starlight together during every Broadway performance.”

We invite you to share your story on a Starlight seat. For $100, you can adopt a randomly assigned seat. For $500, you can adopt a specific seat on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Each morning when I walk through the theatre seating, I stop to look at some of the names on our seats,” said Shelly Doucet, Starlight’s director of development. “I am humbled by the presence of the names of the people on those plaques. They are with us, year-round and for every show. They are a permanent part of the fabric of Starlight Theatre.”

To learn more about Starlight’s Adopt a Seat program, contact Andrew Lang at 816.997.1129 or