Dancers from Alvin Ailey Trio on stage teaching audience members a dance

Arts Bridge

Connecting our community

Starlight’s Arts Bridge program leverages the power of the arts for community building in Kansas City. Through innovative collaboration with arts organizations and community nonprofits, the programming developed through these partnerships creates opportunities for cultural celebration, learning, community dialogue, artistic exploration, and civic engagement.

By activating the historic facilities of Starlight Theatre as a community space, these partnerships produce a variety of engagements, including free events, performances, town halls, festivals, workshops, and symposiums.

2024 Arts Bridge Partners Include

Community Builders of Kansas City
Heartland Arts KC
Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey
UMKC Center for Neighborhoods

Interested in learning more? Contact us at

With more partners like this, our neighborhoods will only continue to prosper and grow from the inside out. Thank you, Starlight!”

Dr. Jacob Wagner UMKC Center for Neighborhoods

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