Raise Our Voices: Chase Chancy

Raise Our Voices: Chase Chancy

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Starlight’s latest performance in our Raise Our Voices video series features Chase Chancy—a Multimedia Intern and student from the 2020 Bob Rohlf Internship Program. In his internship at Starlight earlier this year, he played a key role in video production and editing—he was actually on the other side of the camera in previous Raise Our Voices performances!

We were so impressed with Chase’s work that we asked him to stay on the team through early fall to help with Starlight’s virtual fundraising event, An Evening With Starlight. Thankfully, he agreed, and he had a huge hand in helping to make it a success. He acknowledges that this year’s internship program was likely very different than previous years, but is thankful for the experience.

“The last few months have taught me that adaptability is an essential aspect of becoming a young professional,” Chase said. “You have to be able to ‘go with the flow’ and adapt quicker than ever before. For me, I feel like I’ve made the best out of the situation, and it solidifies in my mind that I’m on the right path.”

When Chase agreed to switch sides of the camera for Raise Our Voices, he chose to perform John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” because of its message about humanity: both our faults and grace. It reminds us that, despite our differences, we are all just people.

“I want the world to know (more so to be self-aware) of how these last few months have been very humbling for everyone, including myself,” Chase said. “It’s so easy to get caught up into routine, and that can so easily be taken away. I want the world to focus on taking it one step at a time toward actual recovery.”

Although Chase spends most of his time behind the camera, performing is in his genes. His mother is a performer and, although he doesn’t see himself on stage in the future, he has a great appreciation for the arts. He recently graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in mass media production, which allows him to blend his love for multimedia with his appreciation of theatre and music.

“No matter what I do or where I go, the arts find a way to come back into my life,” Chase said. “I love to work behind-the-scenes and create the work of art, but from time to time, I get an opportunity to be inside the art. I believe it’s a huge advantage to be someone who can both capture and create the art yourself.”

So where will Chase go from here? He admits that his hopes and dreams are constantly evolving, but he knows he wants to work in the entertainment industry. He’s ready to do the work to make his mark on the world, and he’s ready to dive into the workforce. He plans to move to Atlanta in the near future to continue his career pursuits.

“This field of work is what makes me excited, and I owe it to myself to pursue that thrill,” Chase said. “If the performing arts is something that thrills you, and you discover a natural knack for it, follow that!”

We couldn’t agree more, Chase. We appreciate all of your hard work throughout your internship at Starlight, and can’t wait to see what you continue to accomplish!

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