Starlight Seniors—A New Blog Series

Starlight Seniors—A New Blog Series

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At Starlight, there are many incredibly talented graduates of the class of 2020 who have been involved in numerous Starlight programs throughout their middle school, high school and college years. Whether it’s through Starlight’s Blue Star Awards, Starlight Stars, Vincent Legacy Scholarship or Bob Rohlf Internship programs, these students are some of the most driven and dedicated in Kansas City.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, many of those high school and college seniors had their final semesters cut short and their last weeks of spring semester looks much different than anticipated. To congratulate them on their accomplishments, graduations and to find out what they’re looking ahead to, Starlight is launching a new blog series—Starlight Seniors.

Each week, Starlight Seniors will spotlight one of the many outstanding seniors who has become part of the Starlight family. Check out Starlight’s Facebook page each week for a new installment in the series. All graduating Starlight Seniors are listed below:

Blue Star Awards Student Council

Haley Bell, Leavenworth High School
Janie Carr, Shawnee Mission East High School
Alexa Morgan, Shawnee Mission South High School
Nikéla Reed, Ruskin High School
Hannah Samson, Liberty North High School

Bob Rohlf Internship Program

Jacob Boresow, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Laura Boughan, University of Missouri
George Finley-Pyle, Oklahoma City University
Corey Goodburn, University of Kansas
Madison Helm, University of Iowa
Madison O’Dell, University of Missouri
Madison Silvis, University of Kansas
Rachel Yaros, Missouri State University

Starlight Stars

 Danielle Woods, Olathe East High School

Vincent Legacy Scholarship Program

Faith Andrews-ONeal-Julu, St. Teresa’s Academy
T’Khara Jones, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science
Amari Lewis, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science

While it won’t replace the missed graduation ceremonies, senior days at school or final showcases, we hope this virtual shout-out this helps to shine a light on these outstanding students. From all of us at Starlight, congrats to the class of 2020!

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