Starlight Seniors—Madison O’Dell

Starlight Seniors—Madison O’Dell

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This week’s Starlight Senior spent many a long night at Starlight last summer, working numerous Broadway and concert events as an Operations intern. Now, newly graduated from MIZZOU, she has landed her dream first job and is ready to get started on this new chapter of life.

New Graduate, University of Missouri
2019 Starlight Bob Rohlf Intern, Operations Department


Favorite college experience:
Attending football games.

The atmosphere at a Mizzou football game is incredible, and I’m sad I will never experience it again as a student.


Madison at a MU football game with friends
Madison (center) says her favorite college memories center around MIZZOU football games and close friends.


What you missed most with school going virtual:
All the events that had to be cancelled. Everything from retreats to rec basketball games were dearly missed.


Best memory at Starlight:
Sitting on top of the pergola with the Operations team during last summer’s Train concert.


Madison atop the north pergola
Just chilling atop the north pergola at Starlight last summer.


How your summer at Starlight impacted your plans for the future:
My summer at Starlight opened more doors and opportunities for me. It gave me new experiences that I really enjoyed and allowed me to look at more options when searching for jobs.


Advice you’d give to college students to make the most of their internships:
Keep a journal of your experiences to look back on later.

During my internship at Starlight, I kept a journal of all the crazy things that happened to me, the things I learned, and all the shows I worked. A journal can help you remember your experience.


Madison with the 2019 Ops Team
After working many late-night hours at Starlight events in 2019, Madison (far left) and her colleagues found a unique way to cool off – a quick photo op in the Helzberg Fountain! She’s joined by (from left) operations coordinators Kayla van Thullenar and Nathaniel Kauffmann, fellow interns Laura Boughan and Jacob Boresow, and Starlight VP of Operations Deb Churchill.


How you made the most of the final virtual months of your senior year:
I am bringing joy to every day that passes. Amid the chaos around me, I find positivity. I didn’t let this pandemic get me down and ruin the rest of my semester.


Favorite thing to do (besides studying!) during your COVID-19 quarantine:
Staying outside during social distancing. Whether I’m hiking, hammocking or even studying, I love enjoying the beautiful weather.


Madison leaping in the air
2019 Starlight Operations intern Madison O’Dell couldn’t contain her excitement about earning her degree in hospitality management from MIZZOU this spring


Your immediate plans post-graduation:
I just got a full-time job as a Client Connection Specialist with Veterans United Home Loans in Columbia!


Hopes/dreams for your future:
Start a family, have a stable job in the events industry, and be exuberantly happy.


Favorite musical and why:
In The Heights

I love the music; sometimes the songs get randomly stuck in my head.


Madison at The Wizard of Oz
Early in her summer internship at Starlight, Madison was on the job for 2019’s run of The Wizard of Oz.


Words you live by:
“Be a light for all to see,” which is summarized from Matthew 5:16.


How Starlight will be a part of your future:
While I’ll live and work full-time in Columbia, I hope to visit back home in Kansas City and attend shows as they come to town.

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