Cirque Eloize iD Will Close Season with Artistry & Adventure

CATEGORY: Broadway

The seventh and final show of Starlight Theatre’s 2015 Broadway season promises to delight audiences with a performance that is equal parts art, adventure and awe-inspiring skill.

With the creative vibe of a modern circus, Cirque Éloize iD is set to transport Starlight audiences to a vibrant urban streetscape in the heart of a city. Starlight’s Cohen Community Stage will come alive with the boundless energy of acrobats, break dancers and contortionists performing in sync to a kaleidoscope of video projections.

Fifteen artists on stage perform feats from 12 circus disciplines and integrate urban dance. Hailing from multiple countries, the artists take audiences on a journey of discovery to a place where individuality is expressed and identity is affirmed. The production builds to a jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind finale.The Montreal Gazette calls it “West Side Story gone hip hop circus!”

Founded in 1993 in Montreal, Cirque Eloize has developed 10 original creations. iD has toured since 2009 abroad but is making its U.S. touring debut in 2015. During its 22-year history, the company of Cirque Eloize has delivered nearly 4,000 performances in more than 440 cities and 40 countries. On Sept. 8-13, Kansas City will be the latest city added to the Cirque Eloize map.

In iD, “I sought to create an estheticism at the crossroads of comic books, science-fiction movies and the rich universe of graffiti,” said Jeannot Painchaud, president and artistic director of Cirque Eloize. “I invite you to join us on this new adventure.”

Get tickets for Cirque Eloize iD at Starlight on Sept. 8-13. Prices start at just $13.