Community Ticket Application is Online

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Charitable organizations operating in Missouri and Kansas have until Friday, March 16, to complete Starlight Theatre’s 2018 application for Community Tickets and provide proof of their nonprofit status.

The Community Ticket program has been a cornerstone of Starlight’s mission and community outreach since 1951. The theatre distributes 364 free tickets to every performance of every Broadway show to groups that represent or serve individuals who would otherwise be unable to enjoy live performances due to economic, medical or other restrictive causes.

Because supplies of free community tickets are limited, applications from charities that serve underprivileged and at-risk youth, the medically dependent and disabled, and low-income senior citizens receive priority consideration.

Starlight’s 2018 Broadway season includes 39 performance nights, so more than 13,000 free community tickets will be distributed.

In 2017, a total of 123 area nonprofits received Starlight community tickets for use by their residents, clients, members, families, staff and volunteers. Of that total, 15 were new to the program.

Leaders of the organizations served by the program are enthusiastic about the experience:

“Thanks to your gracious Community Ticket program, our organization was able to enjoy the quality shows. We even saw Grease, which showcased one of our own members. That was a real treat!”

-Ah’Lee Robinson, Kansas City Boys Choir

“We are honored and delighted to receive tickets from Starlight. These tickets provide opportunity, happiness and delight to our families.” 

-Elaine Perilla, Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

Click to learn more about the Community Ticket program and access the 2018 application.

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