Find Your Yearbook for Our Window into the Work

CATEGORY: Starlight

When guests enter Starlight Theatre through Gate 7, alongside the east ticket office, they can visit a thoughtful display: Starlight’s Window into the Work. During the past two summers, Starlight’s Education Department has created window displays centered on themes from each Broadway show with input from Spotlight Stage performers, community ticket groups, full-time staff and volunteers. Now, we want to involve you!

Each Broadway show presented at Starlight contains an underlying theme or message, which the window displays aim to highlight. During June’s run of Disney The Little Mermaid, for example, young children were asked to write down a skill or talent Ursula might want from them. The goal of this Window into the Work was for children to start thinking about Ariel’s decision to risk her voice before they saw the show’s opening number. In essence, they put themselves in Ariel’s fins!

Starlight’s upcoming production of Grease (Sept. 8-14) opens with a group of Rydell High students attending a reunion, looking back on their high school memories. The show is colored with the classic themes of nostalgia, love and dreams that Grease audiences worldwide have connected with for decades. We all gravitate to the idea of looking back at younger versions of ourselves.

So, for Grease, Starlight’s Education team wants to fill the Window into the Work with your memories!

Want to participate? Please send an email to, attach your high school yearbook photo and include a brief message about what you were known for in high school (“most talkative” or “always late to class”) and what you’re known for now (“doctor” or “failed home chef”).

Thanks in advance for opening your yearbook so Starlight can create its own. And, don’t forget to stop by Starlight’s Window into the Work during Grease to see if your high school memory hit the mark!

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