Honoring Starlight Board Chair Ora Reynolds

Honoring Starlight Board Chair Ora Reynolds

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A change to Starlight’s Board is coming this month. After serving the Starlight Board for 12 years in many roles including Secretary and Chair, Starlight honors Ora Reynolds as her fourth term is ending.

“As a Starlight Board Member, I have had the amazing opportunity to build on my passion for theater, concerts, arts education and community engagement,” said Reynolds, who joined the board in 2005.

Reynolds credits her employer, Hunt Midwest, for introducing her to the opportunity to become more involved with Starlight. In 2017, Reynolds co-chaired Starlight’s annual Gala, which raised almost $650,000 to support operations, arts education and community engagement. She was elected Starlight’s Board Chair in 2018.

“KC is so fortunate to have an iconic outdoor venue in the middle of Swope Park where musical performances have occurred for 70 years,” added Reynolds. “We must all protect this community treasure so future generations will be able to enjoy it as much as we do.”

Recently, Ora joined Starlight’s Legacy Society to leave a lasting impact for generations to come. Her advocacy on behalf of Starlight’s vision and mission to engage the community has contributed to multiple programs, allowing many to experience the culture of performing arts.

Starlight is extremely grateful for Ora’s long history of board service and leadership. Ora’s term concludes at the end of April, however, she will remain as Past Chair for the coming year to ensure a smooth transition. Mark Fortino will serve as the new Chair. Fortino has served as Vice Chair under Reynolds for the past year.

“Having Ora as our Chair has been a privilege for me to witness as incoming Chair,” Mark Fortino commented. “She is such a visionary for the arts in our community and for what Starlight can be in Kansas City.”

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