Introducing Starlight@Home

Introducing Starlight@Home

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Introducing Starlight@Home! This brand new offering makes featured shows, streaming content, and educational activities available to Starlight fans. With affordable tickets sold per household per show, in addition to free streaming content and educational resources, Starlight@Home consists of easy, accessible activities that the whole family will enjoy. Or, gift a Starlight@Home show to your extended family or friends!

Starlight@Home – Watch
The family-friendly show The Hip Hop Nutcracker kicks off this new streaming initiative playing December 21-23. Stream and enjoy Tchaikovsky’s classic score alongside reimagined choreography that will impress both adults and kids with its innovation. Purchase a ticket to receive an exclusive link to stream the performance.

Starlight@Home – Explore
Looking for additional entertainment to stream at home? A number of Broadway productions, concerts and podcasts are available for free or through YouTube, PBS and more! Starlight has quite the library of original streaming content, too. From “Broadway Beat” to “Raise Our Voices,” there’s something for everyone.

Starlight@Home – Learn
In addition to streaming content, there are a number of free, educational theatre resources online for parents to share with their kids and teachers to share with their students. From Disney’s The Lion King to Lincoln Center’s Pop-Up Classroom program, explore a variety of guides, classes, interviews and more to share easily at home.


See our Starlight@Home web page for information, including how to purchase tickets and access the content from home.

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