Ovation Lounge Serves Up New Experiences

Ovation Lounge Serves Up New Experiences

CATEGORY: Starlight

Starlight is serving up a new experience for concert goers. The new Ovation Lounge offers high-end liquor mixed with a dash of Starlight history and served in an intimate cocktail lounge. Add in a splash of air conditioning for the perfect spot to cool off on a summer evening. 

“We’re excited to pilot the use of this space in a new way,” Starlight President + C.E.O Lindsey Rood-Clifford said. “Ovation Lounge is full of Starlight history you can explore while sipping cocktails.” 

Ovation Lounge is open during concerts in the space that formerly served as a museum and a gift shop. The idea to reinvent the spot into something else was suggested after the end of the 2022 season.  

“Starlight is a unique venue in Kansas City. People who have fond memories of coming to shows as children are now coming as adults with their own families,” Rood-Clifford said. “We wanted to create an experience that is as unique as we are.” 

The décor in the space includes a velvet couch, lounge chairs, a piano (just for looks), and even Starlight’s original switchboard! Patrons are welcome to enjoy their drinks inside the lounge or take them back to their seats to enjoy during the show. 

People inside Ovation Lounge  Starlight's original switchboard Starlight history

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