Presenting a Brand-New Look

Presenting a Brand-New Look

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Starlight celebrates 70 years of live entertainment in 2020 and is pleased to announce a new look to represent the overall Starlight brand, which includes not only theatre and concerts, but education and outreach initiatives and special events.

Over the years, Starlight has seen an abundance of logos—from the whimsical scripts of the ‘50s to the funky fashions of the ‘70s—that have all well-reflected the trends of the times and the growth of the historic venue with them. As we proceed into the future as a strong, nonprofit organization, we are proud to unveil a fresh new identity that upholds our reverence for the performing arts and reflects our ongoing commitment to Kansas City.

Our new logo is sleek and striking and—if you look closely—incorporates some of the architectural features of our iconic venue. Next time you’re at Starlight, take a peek at the latticework on the towers at the back of the venue and you’ll find the same shape as the new logo’s star. Notice the curve of the “r” looks quite like the curvature of the stage house, and the “t,” “l,” “h” and final “t” are sure reminiscent of the four towers that pillar our historic campus.

With the full commitment of Starlight’s staff, board, volunteers, community partners and loyal patrons like you, Starlight is dedicated to ensuring performing arts and all it entails remains a key piece of the fabric that makes up our Kansas City—for generations to come.

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