Raise Our Voices: Catera Combs

Raise Our Voices: Catera Combs


Singer Catera Combs originally didn’t want to be in the spotlight. When she auditioned for a production in high school, she marked that she preferred not to be in the lead role. Her choir teacher, Jazz Rucker, recognized her talent and asked her to reconsider.  

“She left the audience that year. She left the wings that year,” he said. “She arrived on the stage in the title role of our production as ‘Cinderella.’”  

As Catera was preparing for her performance for Raise Our Voices, she asked friends for suggestions. The song “I Am Light” by India Arie came up. She had never heard the song but the more she worked vocally on the piece, the deeper she related to it. 

Her aim with this performance is to help people realize they are more than their current or past circumstances.  

“I hope I can redeem hope for those who may be struggling to take a chance on whatever it is they want to achieve,” she said. “Because, it’s possible.” 

In addition to giving Catera the boost she needed to become Cinderella, Mr. Rucker was also her advisor for this project. He described the process as similar to working with her in school. 

“I was able to provide her with detailed feedback, and she used it to elevate the level of her performance,” he said. “I posed questions about her artistic ideas that allowed her to unfold a beautiful vision and concept.”  

Now, Catera works with a talent agency and looks forward to pursuing her career as a performer. Telling stories that inspire or bring joy to those around her is something she wants to focus on. 

“Storytelling has been a part of human life since the very beginning of time and without it, life would be so bland,” she said. 

Raise Our Voices seeks to provide artists from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to share their talents and perspectives with viewers. We’re thrilled to have Catera as one of our artists this season and for her to share such a positive message.  



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