Ready. Set. Let’s Create a Musical!

CATEGORY: Indoor Series
TAGS: Broadways Next Hit Musical Talkin With Taylor

On this week’s episode of “Talkin’ With Taylor,” Taylor learns what’s like to interview a cast that has to constantly stay on their feet because the show they are in is being made up on the spot! Deb Rabbai and Rob Schiffmann, co-producers and performers in Broadway’s Next H!T Musical (playing Starlight Indoors Now-March 4), share the challenges and enjoyment of staging a completely improvised musical. Don’t miss your chance to attend the “Phony Awards,” the world’s only unscripted theatrical awards show. Every song is fresh. Every scene is new. Every night is different. And we guarantee you’ll never see any musical like it again!

Don’t miss Broadway’s Next H!T Musical at Starlight Indoors NOW through Sunday, March 4.

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