Starlight Supports ‘YES’ Vote on KC Infrastructure Bonds

CATEGORY: Starlight

The Board of Directors of Starlight Theatre voices its support for Kansas City, Missouri’s three infrastructure bond proposals, which are scheduled to go before voters on April 4.

The Board believes the case for passage of these questions is strong and represents a financially sound approach to deal with the City’s significant infrastructure needs, including roads, sidewalks, ADA accessibility in public buildings and much more.

The Board believes there is a great deal of positive momentum with respect to the City’s growth and, to keep that momentum going, the City’s backlog of deferred maintenance must be addressed. A favorable vote on the general obligation bond proposals will accomplish that goal.

Question 1 would authorize bonds of up to $600-million for streets, bridges and sidewalks.

Question 2 would authorize $120 million for flood control.

Question 3 would authorize bonds of up to $50 million for improvements to public buildings, complying with federally-mandated Americans with Disabilities Act improvements. The measure also would fund a new animal shelter to replace the current facility.

The Board of Directors of Starlight Theatre encourages Kansas City, Missouri, residents to vote “yes” on Questions 1, 2 and 3 on April 4.

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