Starlight Welcomes the 2022 Bob Rohlf Interns for the Summer Season

Starlight Welcomes the 2022 Bob Rohlf Interns for the Summer Season

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Starlight Theatre welcomed the 2022 Bob Rohlf interns in May. Interns are an essential part of the success of Starlight’s summer season, and we are so excited to have them join us.  Interns gain hands-on experience in all departments while providing support for key programs.  

“I have loved diving in and learning about sales because I previously had minimal experience in that area,” Sarah Navran, the sales and marketing intern, said. “Right away, I appreciated Starlight’s emphasis on professional development. Starlight’s team has us set goals for ourselves, provides networking opportunities, and emphasizes individual growth beyond what we produce for the organization.”  

Starlight’s interns have already completed a professional development workshop, and will continue to have more volunteer, networking, and relationship-building opportunities throughout the summer. Interns will network over dinner and see Hairspray together as their next relationship-building activity.  

Community Engagement intern Joseph Belmore shared that he benefits from the industry talks he is a part of with members of the Starlight community.  Questions are shared and learning opportunities are available to understand more about working in the non-profit sector and the entertainment industry.  

“We have an industry talk with the President + CEO of Starlight Rich Baker, another with the Ticketing department, and we get to decide who we bring in for our last industry talk,” said Joseph. “It is catered towards what would best benefit our interests, and it is helping me figure out what aspect of the entertainment business world I want to pursue professionally.” 

Starlight’s looking forward to working with the 12 interns that are a part of the team this year. If you know of someone you think would benefit from our internship program, invite them to apply.  

Intern applications for the summer of 2023 will open this fall.  

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