Supernatural Stories of Broadway

CATEGORY: Starlight

This time of year, legends and lore are at the ready with tales of mysterious figures, flickering lights and slamming doors. The theatre community is no different.

Great theatres such as the Sondheim Theatre, Eugene O’Neill, Belasco Theatre and New Amsterdam theatre are among a few mentioned in the latest PLAYBILL story, “Scandals and Secrets of the Supernatural: The Stories Behind Broadway’s Haunted Theatres.”

From stories of past theatre owners checking in on the everyday operations to lipstick smudges in the ladies room that won’t go away, all of these theatres have stories that make you stop and ponder.

Starlight is no different. Although we have no eye witness accounts, video or photos, there are many reports of lights coming on in places people rarely go, tables being moved in the late night hours or the sound of walking along the catwalk can be heard overhead, we often wonder if Colonel Swope is watching out for the land he donated over 100 years ago.