Taylor Strikes Up a Chat with Sister

Taylor Strikes Up a Chat with Sister

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On this week's episode of Talkin' With Taylor, Taylor sits down with Mary Beth Burns, who plays the title character in the one-nun show, Sister Strikes Again! Find out more about the show, what the proper name is for someone from Michigan, and what Sister is currently binge-watching on Netflix.

Sister Strikes Again! is another hilarious installment in the hit Late Night Catechism series by Maripat Donovan. Launched in 1993, the Late Night Catechism series continues to garner rave reviews and has now grown into eight hysterical, one-woman shows. Filled with nostalgia of the good 'ol days, when all you had to do was toe the line in the classroom, audiences love Sister and the omniscient instructors of their past that she reminds them of.

Join us for class with Sister Strikes Again! now through January 27 at Starlight Indoors. Tickets available online, by calling 816-363-7827 or visiting the box office at 4600 Starlight Road, Kansas City, Mo., 64132.

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