Visit Starlight’s Brand-New Museum!

Visit Starlight’s Brand-New Museum!

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Throughout the past year, a dedicated team at Starlight Theatre has dug deep into the archives for a very special project. Now, on opening night of The Wizard of Oz, June 10, the curtain will rise on Starlight Theatre’s Ovation Museum.

Located in the former gift shop space, the Ovation Museum will commemorate and celebrate Starlight’s nearly 70 years of rich history. Patrons will enjoy numerous exhibits, including a 35-panel timeline and original architectural renderings, that span from the theatre’s 1950s’ inception and construction, through growth and changes over the ensuing decades.

A video wall will showcase “Starlight Stories” from important community leaders and touring stars—going behind the scenes of Starlight with people who helped to write its history.

An exhibit featuring pillars of Starlight—creatives, leaders, stars and supporters—wraps the outside wall of Ovation and will rotate throughout each summer. Also included is an exploration of one show each season—this year, Hello, Dolly! takes the coveted spot.

Other highlights include a collection of historical program covers, a compilation of the hundreds of concerts that have performed on the Starlight stage, and a full chronology of Broadway seasons from 1951 to present.

The museum will be open on Broadway show nights from 6 p.m. until the end of the intermission. On concert nights, the museum is open from the time the VIP Club opens until 15 minutes into the headliner’s set. Patrons must have a ticket to the show to visit the Ovation Museum. There is no additional entrance fee.

The Ovation Museum will have a limited selection of Starlight mementos and comfort items, like ear plugs, ponchos and fans. Patrons may also purchase tickets for future shows.

Stop by and step back in time!

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