Four people are sitting in the front row of Starlight Theatre, taking a group selfie while smiling and gesturing excitedly. The stands behind them are filled with a large, diverse crowd.

Vote for Starlight in Best of KC

Want to show your love for Starlight? Vote in Kansas City Magazine’s 2024 Best of KC Awards! 

Best of KC is a way for the people of Kansas City to celebrate and show love to their favorite restaurants, shopping areas, entertainment venues, and more. A way you can show your appreciation for us is by voting for Starlight. Voting ends June 16. 

These are the categories Starlight is nominated for: 

Best Live Theatre Venue 

Best Music Venue 

Starlight is a proud nonprofit that is committed to connecting the community through the engagement of live art. Starlight has exciting Broadway productions, concerts, and other events. For over 70 years Starlight has been a staple in Kansas City 

Voting for Starlight shines a light on the community engagement programs for children and young adults as well as Broadway shows and concerts that inspire the greater Kansas City area. 

Your support would mean a lot to us! If you want to check out the different categories as well, you can do that HERE. Winners will be announced August 1.

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