What’s new at Starlight?

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Some exciting updates are happening here at Starlight Theatre!

Patron’s safety is our number one priority, so we’ve incorporated non-invasive magnetometers as an additional security measure. Now, when patrons enter the venue, they will walk through the magnetometers before being shown to their seat. With this additional screening, we recommend allowing a little extra time for your evenings at the theatre to ensure that you are seated prior to curtain.

With patrons’ comfort in mind, we’ve installed four mega-fans to keep audiences cool throughout the summer season under the stars. Construction began in mid-October and completed well before we will kick off the first events in the 2018 season. The new ultra-quiet fans have been strategically placed to ensure the greatest number of Starlight patrons will benefit from their cooling effects.

We’ve also made an upgrade to the producer’s circle with padded seats. With this test, we’ll see how the cushion stands up to the elements and hope to eventually expand the seats further up the seating bowl and throughout the venue.

Keep an eye out for further updates! And let us know what you’d like to see happen here at Starlight by dropping us an email at starlight@kcstarlight.com.

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