Theatre Etiquette

At Starlight Theatre, we ask that all patrons be considerate of their fellow guests at all times. The following reminders are intended to clarify expectations and enhance the Starlight experience for all:

  • Please do not talk, text or use your cell phone during performances. Extra sounds and lights are distracting to performers and audience members.
  • Use of cameras or recording equipment is prohibited during all Broadway and Indoor shows.
  • Smoking is not allowed in seating and concessions areas. Designated smoking areas are provided north of the seating area and behind the Encore Tap Room. The areas are well marked.
  • While umbrellas are allowed in the venue, they may not be opened in the seating area where they would block the view of fellow guests. (Policy may vary by show and is subject to artist restrictions.)
  • Curtain time for Broadway shows is 8 p.m. Please arrive early. Ushers may hold late arrivals until the stage manager gives the OK to seat. Even if there is not a formal show hold, please wait for a pause in the action to find your seat.
  • All patrons are expected to sit in their ticketed seats. Do not move to empty seats throughout the duration of the show.
  • When the National Anthem plays, please rise, remove your hat and direct your attention to the American flag. If you are in an aisle or at concessions, pause until the anthem concludes.
  • A child may sit on an adult’s lap as long as the view of other guests remains unobstructed.
  • While we want you to enjoy the music, please refrain from singing along (unless instructed otherwise).
  • Intermission is the preferred time to get refreshments or use the restroom. If you must leave during the performance, please be quiet and don’t linger in the aisles.
  • Remember that the show is not over until the actors have taken their bows. Please show your gratitude by remaining at your seat and applauding their performance!
  • If at any time your enjoyment of the show is interrupted by a fellow guest or situation, please notify an usher or GuestAssist associate for assistance. You may also text your seat location and concern to 816.799.7827.

Thank you for reviewing and respecting these standards of conduct at Starlight.