Weather Policy

At Starlight Theatre, our guests’ safety is our primary concern.

Because Starlight’s stage house is fully enclosed and climate-controlled, the show typically can continue through the various challenges Mother Nature delivers. In addition, Starlight is contractually obligated to pay the artists, actors and tours that play here unless weather conditions put the show’s personnel and/or our guests in actual danger. We do our best to live by that famous showbiz motto…The Show Must Go On!

It is important to note that shows are almost never cancelled in advance due to forecasted weather conditions, so you should always plan to arrive on time. Please note that although it may be storming elsewhere in the city, Starlight may be experiencing different conditions.

If a weather-related delay is needed during a performance, we  will communicate decisions to the audience via Starlight’s public address system, event staff, Twitter and in the 'Be More Connected' section on the homepage of the website.

Summer Broadway/Concert

Starlight subscribes to several weather-monitoring services, and we closely review data to make timely decisions in the best interest of our guests and performers. In fact, we may delay a show before a storm arrives to allow our guests ample time to shelter in-venue or in vehicles because Starlight does not have enough indoor shelter to accommodate a sold-out crowd. But if the forecast is simply for a steady rain shower without dangerous conditions like close-in lightning or extreme winds, the show will almost always proceed as scheduled!

If dangerous weather conditions exist in close proximity to Starlight, we may choose to delay the start of a performance for an hour or more past curtain time before deciding to cancel or continue, especially if it looks like the storm will pass and we will be able to complete the performance.

We also may stop a performance in progress to allow guests to take temporary shelter if threatening weather conditions exist. The safest and only places we will direct guests to take shelter during severe weather conditions are INDOORS in a public space (Applause Club, Ovation gift shop, restrooms, etc.) or INSIDE their own vehicles. We will always allow guests to return to their vehicles during adverse weather conditions. In the event a show is held solely due to precipitation, guests may move to the covered walkways/pergolas surrounding the seating area. The pergolas, however, are not considered lightning-safe and should not be used for shelter during severe weather conditions. 

General policy at Starlight Theatre is that all events are held rain or shine, so we encourage all guests to dress for the forecasted weather. 

On nights when rain is forecast, we encourage guests to bring ponchos to the theatre. Umbrellas are always admitted into the venue for Broadway shows, but they may not be opened in the seating area where they would block the view of fellow guests. 

Umbrellas are not admitted into the venue for concerts. In the case of inclement weather, ponchos may be purchased for $1 at our Guest Information kiosks, the Ovation gift shop and ticket offices.

If guests leave of their own accord or choose not to attend and the show is not cancelled, no refunds or exchanges will be given. 

On those rare occasions when Starlight is unable to present the majority of a show due to weather, we will declare an official cancellation. Should an official cancellation occur, the following procedures will be observed:

  • If an official cancellation occurs for a Broadway show, guests may exchange their tickets at no charge for another performance of the same show. To make this exchange, call Starlight’s Ticket Services the following day at 816.363.7827. We will work with you to secure the best available seats of comparable value. If seats are not available for another performance, we will provide you with additional options. 
  • If a cancellation occurs on the final night of a Broadway show, guests may exchange their tickets for an upcoming Broadway production in the current season only. 
  • If a cancellation occurs for a concert, holder must return the ticket to place of purchase within 30 days of the event for a refund of ticket price only.

Fall/ Winter Starlight Indoors

As noted above, Starlight performances are rarely cancelled due to adverse weather. When needed for our indoor shows, we will clear snow and ice from our entry roads, parking lots and sidewalks. Free coat check is available on-site.