Your Year-End Support Helps Starlight Shine


2017 has been another busy year at Starlight Theatre, and generous Kansas City residents and organizations have helped our theatre set the stage for continued growth.

Starlight raised the bar by offering a record number of Broadway performances and a diverse music lineup, entertaining nearly 300,000 audience members in 2017. With five indoor shows, nine Broadway productions and 20 concerts under the stars, this past year truly offered something for everyone.

For all the magic that happened on the Starlight stage, an equal amount of good work was accomplished off-stage, too. Starlight’s 13 theatre arts education programs reached more than 7,200 students and adults in 2017, and our community ticket program gave more than 17,000 free tickets to local nonprofits so their clients could experience a Broadway musical under the stars.

And, when Starlight President & CEO Rich Baker proposed the idea of installing a new state-of-the art fan system to be in place in time for our 2018 season, the concept was welcomed by Starlight guests. In fact, hundreds of loyal Starlight fans showed their support by contributing approximately $12,000 to help make our fan dreams a reality! Thanks to strong community support, Starlight is now installing four ultra-quiet fans around the seating area to help make future summer nights a bit cooler for all patrons.

To keep Starlight going strong, we need your help!

Please consider a year-end charitable donation to the Starlight Theatre Annual Fund. Your gift will help our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization continue the good work it has done for the past 67 years – and prepare us to set the bar ever higher for the future!

Here’s how you can give:

We greatly appreciate your consideration and generosity. Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

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