Volunteers at Starlight

Ambassadors Shine at Annual Recognition Ceremony

At the end of each season, Starlight takes time to recognize our volunteers Ambassadors. As a nonprofit organization, Starlight relies on the dedication of the Ambassadors to provide exceptional performing arts experiences to our audience and community.

This past season consisted of 54 events, including Broadway shows and concerts, and a community movie night. Ambassadors gave a total of 5,045 hours which is a value of $160,431!

Every season has its challenges, and this one was no exception. The weather is always a factor for an outdoor venue and this year saw both severe weather and heat causing delays or cancelations. Still, the Ambassadors kept calm and assisted the audience with information and directions.

Starlight welcomed over 30 new volunteers to our Ambassador program this year! Other new things included assisted listening devices allowing us to be more accessible to our guests and the opportunity to engage with four local high school students to gain professional experience.

And the Award Goes To…

After celebrating all the Ambassadors for their commitment to Starlight, some awards were given to those who went above and beyond.

Trafton and Kerri Creemer with Starlight staff

The Morevitska Award goes to an individual who embodies the spirit of partnership and dedication. Inspired by the exemplary service of long-time volunteers Jan and Lee Morevitska, the award is given to Ambassadors who generally give the gift of time with their partners. This year, the amazing team of Trafton and Kerrie Creemer was given the award for stepping up to help in any way they can and always having fun no matter the situation!

The Legacy Award recognizes individuals whose unwavering commitment to our cause has left an indelible mark on the heart of our organization. Janice and Frankie Beydler were given the honor for their remarkable dedication and selflessness. The Beydlers were unable to attend the celebration.

Mary Markey being handed an award by a member of Starlight staff

The Don Woodson Award was given to Mary Markey for dedicating her time, energy, and passion to promoting the group volunteer program, ensuring its growth and prosperity.

Her dedication and tireless efforts have inspired others to follow her lead and contribute selflessly to Starlight’s mission.

It’s important to make sure any volunteer program is attracting new applicants, especially young people.

Braeden Sholes with Starlight staff

This year, Starlight had the opportunity to work with four high school students as part of the ProX Internship. The program is a real-world learning initiative providing summer professional experience for high school students. This year’s Junior Ambassador of the Year Award was one of those students, Braeden Sholes.

Carol Petrus and Jennifer Gilbert

Finally, the Ambassador of the Year award was presented to not one but two outstanding volunteers. Normally, the award is bestowed upon the Ambassador who has generously dedicated the most hours to our cause throughout the season, all while maintaining an impeccable record of service. Carol Petrus and Jennifer Gilbert were crowned Ambassadors of the Year for their outstanding contributions and dedication to Starlight.

Even though the season is over for the year, there are still opportunities to contribute your time to Starlight. Learn more about how you can become an Ambassador!

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