See a Show Practically for FREE as a Season Ticket Holder

See a Show Practically for FREE as a Season Ticket Holder



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A major benefit of being a Starlight Theatre Broadway season ticket holder is buying your tickets at a discount. In fact, our season ticket discount is so good, it's like we give you a show for FREE!

Use the chart below to view the savings you’ll receive when you purchase Broadway season tickets compared to buying single tickets to each show.  

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Season Price
(5 shows)
Avg. Single Price
(5 Shows)
Savings as a
Season Ticket holder



Level 2
($99 a show)


Level 3
($89 a show)


Level 4
($74 a show)


Level 5
($56 a show)


Level 6
($40 a show)


Level 7
($28 a show)


Level 8
($18 a show)


Price savings are available in levels 2-8 and are based on comparing Broadway season ticket prices to Thursday, Friday and Saturday single ticket prices. 

Price savings are comparable for Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday season tickets.

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You may also order by phone at 816.363.7827 or in person at the Starlight Box Office Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.