Just Imagine Visits KC Kids and Families


Starlight Theatre has been busy lighting up the faces and stirring the imaginations of Kansas City kids and families in need.

During the months of September and October, Starlight’s Just Imagine interactive theatrical program is taking its show on the road. The program’s troupe of four local professional actors are delivering their hour-long theatrical and storytelling performance to audiences of children and adults being cared for at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kids TLC, University of Kansas Hospital, SAFEHOME and Sheffield Place.

Since 2011, this important Starlight program has brought the magic of live theatre directly to some of Kansas City’s most vulnerable residents, particularly children hospitalized with chronic illnesses or living in residential facilities due to domestic, economic or behavioral circumstances.

Just Imagine’s performers arrive at host facilities with a trunk load of costumes, props and a colorful backdrop that they use to take children on a fun, fast-paced theatrical journey.

“Just Imagine gives many deserving children and parents a welcome break from their stressful daily routines,” said Amy Reinert, one of the show’s actors and the director of education at Starlight. “The children immerse themselves in silliness and fun, escaping at least temporarily the life issues their families face.”

If you would like to learn more about Just Imagine, make a donation in support of the program or suggest a potential host facility, please contact Amy Reinert at 816.997.1112 or amy.reinert@kcstarlight.com

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