Mary Poppins Jane and Michael Banks Share Their Favorite Things

CATEGORY: Broadway

We went backstage to learn more about our two youngest stars of the show, Fiona Scott and Maddox Carter Bane who play the roles of Jane and Michael Banks! Take a look and discover more about some of these performers’ favorite things!

Favorite movie
Fiona: Inside Out
Maddox: In to the Woods

Favorite singer or band
Fiona: Taylor Swift
Maddox: R5

Favorite food
Fiona: Raspberries and whipped cream
Maddox: Italian food

Favorite book
Fiona: The Hunger Game Series
Maddox: The Land of Stories and Harry Potter Series .

Favorite musical
Maddox: Into the Woods
Favorite Mary Poppins song
Fiona: “Step In Time”
Maddox: “Anything Can Happen”