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Match the Musician and the Musical: Taylor’s Version

We’re back with another episode of “Match the Music to the Musical.” As a Gen-Xer I have an appreciation for Taylor Swift, but my younger colleagues are on a whole other level. This time Kayla in Marketing is matching Taylor Swift albums to shows in our 2024 Broadway season. 

Kansas City has recently had their eyes on Taylor Swift, the Chief’s newest fan! Plus, she recently sold out Arrowhead Stadium for two nights on her first leg of the Eras Tour. 

Much like our upcoming season, T Swift has a range of styles and genres that appeal to almost everyone. Are you ready for it? 

The Little Mermaid

“Lover” + Disney’s The Little Mermaid

While watching The Little Mermaid on stage, we watch a beautiful love story unfold as Ariel finds herself and her prince in the process! She follows her heart, much like our favorite pop princess.

“Lover” tells a similar story. We have seen many facets of Taylor’s personality over the years, but “Lover” is the most romantic and lends itself perfectly to a classic fairytale and can help us relate to Ariel’s happily ever after.

Come From Away

“Fearless” + Come From Away

Come From Away is a heartwarming story that explores remarkable acts of kindness and compassion in the aftermath of 9/11. Based on a true story, you see the strength and goodwill of those in the small town of Newfoundland after a tragic event.

“Fearless,” one of Swift’s earlier albums, has a similar heartwarming feel. The title track reminds you to “dive in, headfirst, fearless,” much like the brave residents of Newfoundland when an unexpected tragedy hit their island.

Peter Pan

“Speak Now” + Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a timeless tale of a boy who never grows up and the fantastic adventures one can have in Neverland. The show celebrates the spirit of eternal youth and imagination, much like Swift’s most recently re-released album.

“Speak Now” is Swift’s third album and leans heavily into themes of magic and fairy tales throughout the album. In Long Live, the final track of the album, she relates her relationship to her fans over the years creating magic and fighting dragons with us, much like the adventure we take with Peter Pan himself!

Be sure to check the full schedule for our AdventHealth 2024 Broadway Series! Season tickets are on sale now.

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