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Match the Musician and the Musical: Beyoncé Version

We just announced our 2024 Broadway season line up and thought it would be fun to create a series that matches the music of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and the Jonas Brothers to musicals on stage. 

First up, Gabe in Group Sales matches albums by Beyoncé to some of the shows at Starlight next summer! 

There’s no denying Queen Bey is an icon whose empire spans music, fashion, acting, and more. We’re honored that the North American leg of her high-energy Renaissance World Tour is culminating right here in Kansas City on October 1! 

Shrek the Musical

“Renaissance” + Shrek the Musical

“Renaissance” is Beyoncé’s latest release and is all about self-expression and escapism. Many of the songs make mention of being true to yourself and defying societal expectations.

Shrek the Musical goes on a similar journey as it tells the story of an ogre falling in love with a princess. The show is all about being unapologetically yourself and letting your Freak Flag fly!

Shrek, like Beyoncé’s “Renaissance,” challenges audiences to embrace who you are! 

West Side Story

“Dangerously in Love” + West Side Story

If you love Beyoncé’s second solo album “Dangerously in Love,” your ill-fated heart will be drawn to West Side Story.  “Dangerously in Love” follows Beyoncé’s first discoveries about love and its pitfalls.

West Side Story is a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet about two star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria, destined for tragedy. 

Like Tony and Maria, you will fall “Crazy in Love” with West Side Story, too! 

The Cher Show

Beyoncé + The Cher Show

From one icon to another! Beyoncé’s self-titled album “Beyoncé” is a culmination of her life’s work as an artist and incorporates many themes including feminism, relationships, and beauty standards.

“Beyoncé” lovers will easily fall in love with The Cher Show as you watch Cher carve the path for women in the entertainment industry like Beyoncé and exemplify what it is to be a feminist while also challenging traditional beauty standards. 

Be sure to check the full schedule for our AdventHealth 2024 Broadway Series! Season tickets are on sale now.

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