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Single-show tickets to Starlight Theatre’s Broadway and concert events are on sale now – and online ticket scalpers are lurking. To enjoy your Starlight experience this summer without unnecessary hassles or strains on your wallet, we offer advice to avoid getting burned by third-party online ticket sellers.

How can you get great seats without breaking the bank or ending up with counterfeit tickets? Consider these timely tips:

  • Beware of Online Search Ads. If you want to see Dirty Dancing or any of our other seven Broadway hits, visit Starlight Theatre’s official website where you can purchase tickets in our Terrace section for $17-28 each (service fees included). Many online users, however, haven’t memorized Starlight’s web address and instead perform a Google, Yahoo or Bing search. If you search, you may find and follow a link to a site with “Starlight Theatre” in its title. Once there, you may find tickets in the Terrace section priced at more than $100 each.

    Murky and deceptive search results may appear when ticket broker sites pay for search ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing and similar sites. Such paid ads show up at the top of search results using Starlight Theatre’s name and legitimate-sounding words in their ad’s web address. In some cases, these broker sites may even feature a photo of the Starlight venue. These sites are often selling overpriced secondary tickets, and Starlight cannot guarantee the tickets are even legitimate.

    The best recourse? See below!

  • Always Buy Tickets at Starlight Theatre’s Official Website. The official online ticket purchase point for Starlight and all our events is Bookmark the Starlight home page now and always start there when purchasing tickets online!

    Starlight also has an official app available for Apple and Android devices. Through the app, users may purchase tickets, find parking and dining information, and review theatre policies. Follow the links below to download or visit the appropriate app store on your mobile device:

    Apple – Download

Android – Download

  • Take Advantage of Ticket Presales. Are you a Starlight patron who wants the best seats in the house? Ticket presales are often a great way to secure the seats you really want!

    Presales for Starlight events are commonly offered to our Broadway season ticket holders and Waiting in the Wings members, as well as through our concert series sponsor Capitol Federal and concert artists’ fan clubs. Presale codes may also be provided through company promotions, radio stations and to certain credit card holders.

    • Broadway season ticket holders get VIP status when it comes to getting first notice of everything happening at Starlight. During Subscriber Early Access Week each spring, they are the first to be able to buy additional single tickets to Broadway shows at the discounted subscriber price, and they also get the early opportunity to exchange their show nights or swap shows. Broadway subscribers also are the first to receive exclusive presales as each concert is announced in the Capitol Federal Concert Series at Starlight. Click here to learn more about season tickets.
    • Waiting in the Wings. Members who register for Starlight’s Waiting in the Wings program receive a special email alert prior to Broadway tickets going on sale to the public. This alert arrives several days prior to single tickets going on sale, giving members first dibs on the specific shows and nights they want! Click now to sign up for this FREE program!
    • Capitol Federal. The sponsor of Starlight’s concert series for the past decade, Capitol Federal promotes a presale code for most concert events on its Facebook page and Twitter account. At times, Capitol Federal also promotes social media contests, giving their followers a chance to win tickets to upcoming events at Starlight. Follow Capitol Federal on Facebook and Twitter today.
    • Concert Artists’ Fan Clubs. Fan clubs can be a great way to secure tickets to a particular concert at Starlight. Many artists offer their fan club members early access to buy concert tickets, as well as receive announcements and downloadable content. For more information, visit your favorite artist’s official website.

We hope these suggestions help you navigate the online purchase path to ensure a memorable night at Starlight for a fair price. If you ever have questions regarding the legitimacy of an online ticket site or purchase, we encourage you to call a Starlight Ticket Services representative at 816.363.7827 or email

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