Step Into The LEGO Land of OZ

CATEGORY: Broadway

The wonderful Land of Oz has motivated numerous artists to create original works. The classic children’s story has inspired comics, movies, books and Broadway musicals. But, some of the most unique art has been created using LEGOs. While LEGO has not officially released a Wizard of OZ themed set, fans of L. Frank Baum’s world have not been discouraged from creating their own. Below are a couple examples of some of the most amazing Wizard of Oz LEGO builds.

The Road to OZ
Local LEGO builder JeremiahKC designed a LEGO set titled ‘The Road to Oz.’ The set was submitted to be considered for mass production on LEGO Cuusoo, a website that allows users to enter ideas for future LEGO products. ‘The Road to Oz’ featured three vignettes recounting the story of Dorothy’s journey to see the Wizard. The project was a finalist to be released as a LEGO set but ultimately lost to a 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters design.

Click here to learn more about JeremiahKC’s designs.

Brickworld Display
A huge Wizard of Oz LEGO build was featured at Brickworld 2013 in Chicago. A team of twelve builders created a diorama that showcased almost every scene from the 1939 film. The display measured 10 feet in length and featured a motorized tornado. The build was awarded the 2013 Collaborative Display award.

Watch the video below to see a truly amazing work of art.

It’s easy to see the creativity that comes from uniting a love for LEGOs and The Wizard of Oz. Hopefully one day LEGO will produce an official set and we will  be able to step into a LEGO Land of Oz.

This summer Starlight Theatre will be staging the touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Wizard of OZ. Bring the whole family and journey through the magical land of OZ, June 10-15, 2014.